The Daily Grind.

Some days I feel like I’m killin’ it at the whole mom life, wife life, business owner life. You know, checking off to-do list items left and right, making things happen, cooking amazing dinners, knocking out homework like a boss, everyone sleeping on clean sheets, lunch boxes prepared the night before and having engaging conversations with my kiddos and husband.

Then, there is this week, where I’ve parked at a gas station two out of four days to take a 10 minute nap before getting kids from school, I’ve flushed my jeep key down the toilet and had to ninja grab it out of pee before I lost it forever (then sanitize E V E R Y T H I N G) , had cookies for breakfast, and scheduled a hair appointment so I knew my hair would get washed and DRYED and look amazing one day this week! Seriously.

Also, I told everyone in my house over a year ago, when we moved in, that we were not eating CRAP for dinner. Dinner is whatever I cook each night, and we live by the “eat it or starve” method. You have to try new things. You don’t have to like them all, but what is served is what you get so make the most of it. This week, I opened a can of spaghetti o’s, warmed it, and served it. I don’t even buy them!! So I also made the decision this week that saying yes to the purchase of said spaghetti o’s was easier than explaining the “NO”. So there’s that.

School started last week for us, so I had all intentions of this week’s blog being about things I want my kids to know, and hear from me, as they go off to school and into the world. I’ve thought about it over and over, have tons of notes, and have told the boys many of them. Then, today our very deep, meaningful, full of wisdom, life skills conversation consisted of, “Momma’s sanity is hanging on by a thread that could break at any moment, get in the car and we’ll listen to Jesus music on the way to school”.

Kudos to the mommas and wives, the daily grinders, getting things done. I see you, I feel ya. You’re doing things and making a difference. I promise. I promise your kids don’t think you’re failing- they love the spaghetti o’s, and they love you, even when they tell you “you’re being mean because you’re making me take a shower”. They love you. They appreciate you, and when you’re really crazy your husband may woo you with words of affirmation because he’s doing all he can to keep you ON your rocker.


We’ve still made it to school everyday EARLY, they haven’t forgotten anything on my watch, lunches are packed, and are healthy, and I assure you they look much more put together than I do. As for me, I’m working in sweats, Chaco’s, and a t-shirt and headed to get my hair done!

I’m saying it’s normal-rock on mommas!

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