Like the Emery board.

Yay!! Finally, a place to land. I have wanted for so long to blog regularly and to have a place where I could post about ALL THE THINGS. A place that isn’t geared toward just one topic. Obviously, I am as far from a one track mind as a girl gets.

I realize that there are about 3 people who care to read about daily life with Immori. One is the woman who birthed me and the others being equally as obligated to care about me and mine.

I, like 99% of most people, am insanely busy, live life in a constant state of chaos, and always have at least a dozen projects going on. I enjoy writing. I also enjoy being organized, or organizing/planning for other people-like weddings, ya know fun stuff. When it comes to organizing my own life, I have a friend for that.   🙂  (insert Staci)

Nevertheless, writing makes me feel organized and that’s why I’m here.

The Immori Board will play host to a smorgasbord of ideas, rants, products, advice, stories and more. I am a wife and a mother to 3 boys. (The source of most of my stories.) I am the owner of Master UnPlanned event and wedding planning (my day job- that I LOVE), and in my spare time-ha!-my husband and I also have Dixon & Co (my night job-Love it too).

A few other things about me that have big potential for blog appearances:

  1. I love hand lettering projects.
  2. I am always the most competitive person in the room. To a fault.
  3. I hate coffee and love green tea.

So, to the few of you who hang around, I’m sure you’ll find something familiar here, I hope you find something encouraging, and maybe even a little entertaining.

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